Hello to School of World students and Teen Merfans, we are very excited ourselves about the Teen Merman movie! (In fact, Megan has seen it in theaters three times already; Rel has only seen it twice.)  We should like very much to thank our friend Kecky for contributing this lovely Teen Merman movie poster.

I was so, so happy to contribute to this mer-valous imaginary fandom (fin-dom?!?!?!?) :’)

I’m so happy about this poster we got Kristin to do, omg

listen tho okay listen i am SO honkin pumped about this upcoming story arc

and i am so, SO happy about the movie poster that kristin made for us like dang look at it it is just so beautiful

please read school of world it’s a comic that i write despite everything i am actually pretty proud of it :D

Important Alert: Dangerous New-England Con-Goer




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"You mean we’ll all suddenly be 600-feet tall with bushy beards?"

The Almighty Johnsons

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Caught up with a friendish guy from late middle school/highschool today….. 

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Newsflash to the idiots in the Sailor Moon Crystal tag



This is not the 90s anymore!

Yeah, I know. You miss the silly expressions from 90s Sailor Moon, but no one does that in anime anymore. At least not to that degree. The animation style for Sailor Moon crystal is more Seinen, so the expressions reflect that. Just because Usagi doesn’t have a mouth as big as a frog’s doesn’t mean she’s emotionless! Do you ever see any of that stuff in any other anime that’s come out in recent years? I didn’t think so. She still spazz’s out and trips over her own feet all over the place, so it’s not like it’s not still Usagi.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that stuff. I kind of miss it, but that’s not how it is anymore.





no one does that in anime anymore

Sailor Moon Crystal Opening   Moon Kingdom & Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon Crystal Ending   Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion
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Sailor Moon Crystal Ending   Princess Serenity & Prince Endymion


The last one. That’s the grown up version of her second wand. Is that…Neo-Queen Serenity-sans crown? Because that wand sure as hell shouldn’t be here. I wonder what they’re doing. Plus those are all the senshi symbols behind her, not just the inners.

Sailor Moon Crystal Spoilers thoughts based on the leaked clips:

Holy shit we’re doing the Dic thing. We are starting episode 1 with Serenity and Endymion mystery WHAT MYSTERY who the hell could be the moon princess- I wonder.

The ending reminded me a lot of the weaver girl and cowhearder story, where the seperated lovers can only cross the stars and meet once a year. Orihime and Hikoboshi. But instead of a bird bridge, we have the Bifrost because why not add as many mythologies as possible. 

I really like the….title card? art. The silhouette princess thing. Maybe we will get expanded background on the Silver Millennium? Because everything we’ve seen has been super heavy on the past. 

Ah! The dress has all the details~~~~~ And her night hairbows are more than just pink. Blue, green, orange. I’m betting there was a red one as well. 

THANK FUCK THEY REMEMBERED AMI EXISTS BEFORE HER INTRODUCTION EPISODE SOMEWHERE IN THE SCHOOL. I would love for them to be at least casual friends before everything, since it’s Usagi and she would have tried to befriend the girl who doesn’t always eat all her lunch because she’s busy with school work by the end of the first week (unless we are starting at the first of the school year? Which is something they really didn’t do in the old anime). 

When the ending is clean on a dvd, I will make seamless, endless gif of Serenity hair because damn girl, are you Mistress 9?

I have been quiet on this blog. Whoops. I got a job. And have that side blog that’s almost complete. Here’s a preview of the bullshit I do on there. 

Unless you know what I do on there already. In which case you know I need a better catalog system.


Individual frame comparison between the 1992 Sailor Moon Classic and 2014 Sailor Moon Crystal. Gif comparison over here. Draw your own conclusions.

Tsuki ni kawatte, Oshiokyo!

Tried to get them to sync. 33 frames versus 24. Plus the pastel doily background from the old anime made the color picking for gifs even harder than normal (doesn’t help that old anime is shakey). The original only has about 10 colors not counting the background, while the new version twenty, counting the gradients in the hair as just base, shadow and highlight. I do like the rose covered moon in the new background. 

Maybe early morning idea’s aren’t the best? This is definitely better in concept than execution. 


The prince of the far, far away land wanted to marry the princess, but she rejected him. As a punishment the princess was sent to a lair of a dragon so that it would kill her. But as soon as the dragon and the princess saw each other they fell madly in love and lived happily ever after. The end!


The prince of the far, far away land wanted to marry the princess, but she rejected him. As a punishment the princess was sent to a lair of a dragon so that it would kill her. But as soon as the dragon and the princess saw each other they fell madly in love and lived happily ever after. The end!



the beggar and the king: Medusa wasn’t always a monster.



She was once the a beautiful virgin shadow maiden of Athean. After Poseidon rapes Medusa in Athena’s temple, Athena punishes Medusa….making her the embodiement of death and damning her to a life of solitude.

What does this say about society then, and now?

Well, the myth that tells Medusa’s metamorphosis into a monster as a punishment by Athena is the patriarchal Roman version. The ancient Greek myth, which has closer ties to its progenitor, the Egyptian tale of Wadjet, tells us that Athena gifted Medusa with ugliness and the power to turn men to stone as a way of protecting her from further violations of her person. Even so, her ugliness was emphasized in the Roman retelling as a way to further demonize and disenfranchise Medusa (i.e. she only lashed out on men because she was too ugly to be loved by them, her ugliness forced her into seclusion from men, ugly women are bad, etc. ((I am ironically using abbreviations for Latin words here yes)).). As the original myth tells it, she lived in solitude because she did not wish to be around men after what Poseidon had done. And Athena gave her the power to never be at the mercy of a male again. So originally, Athena was pissed at Poseidon, not Medusa. And then, of course, the Romans took it one step further and had Perseus behead her (yay the vindictive old hag is dead) and give it to Athena for her shield.

But yeah, renderings of Medusa’s head appeared in the doorways of many women’s shelters in ancient Greece because she was a symbol of female empowerment, not a monster feared by men and women alike.

This brings me to my awkward segue into a cool essay on the subject: The Laugh of the Medusa by Helene Cixous actually touches on the system of misogynistic fear behind the Romanized version, but most importantly why women need to write their stories because this is the shit that happens when dudebros get ahold of them. It’s also an awesome overture to queer theories of writing. If you can read French, I highly suggest getting your hands on the essay as it was originally written, because Cixous’ voice is just incredibly inspiring when you read it as she intended it to be read. Also, the essay itself is worthy of criticism as it is not as intersectional as it absolutely needs to be. I feel I should add that before someone thinks I advocate the problematic things she says.

But now that I’ve totally digressed from my original point: It’s important that we’re always mindful to question the credibility of those telling us not only history, but also legend.

(I became absolutely exhausted halfway through this so forgive me if the connection I’m making between the original post and this essay is more arbitrary than I think it is at the moment)


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