Look! A UFO!

Where? Where? Where? Where is it?

Oh, come on! It’s a shooting star.

No, it wasn’t! It was a UFO!

It was sort of wobbling…

I mean, flying zig-zag!

Fine, it was a zig-zagging shooting star.

There’s no such thing as UFOs!


It was back in kidergarden…

What was?

When I found out that there was no such thing as Santa Claus!

Oh, brother…

But that’s all right. I know, now!

Know what?

That wizards…

…and faeries…

…and princes on white horses…

…and kind-hearted…

…true friends…!

They all only exist in fantasy.

But it’s all right.

We know that now!

So, please, can’t you just leave me UFOs?

This is a little hard.



The Castle Said To Hold Eternity